Available stud dog services

I have 2 AKC Registered Golden Retriever stud dogs- both looking for mates.

stud dogs are Not For Sale, they are part of the family:)

We charge a stud dog fee/or pick of the litter.All proceeds are non-refundable and go towards my kenneling, and training area.

Chestnut- Gentle Golden Retriever, very smart, loves water, loves to play and exercise, but also loves to cuddle and relax. light gold with red tones and white belly and “angle wings” wonderful with children of all ages and elderly- great with other animals including the house cat and bird.full grown about 70 pounds-looking to breed a female golden retriever or Siberian husky though open to other breeds.

Cashew – Golden Retriever, Loving, Playful, Smart. Great Companion dog with children and adults. Light Golden and white color  with highlights of light red tones. Will take a nap with you, play catch or go on a nice walk.Cashew is a bigger boy around 100 pounds looking to breed to a larger female- golden retriever or St.Bernard though open to other breeds.

I would also post the pictures of puppies on site for free with detailed info of puppies for prospective owners.

I also supply a box that comes with toys and blankets for the puppies to go home with.


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