About Our Rehoming

For those wishing to rehome

We offer no kill rehoming center if you can no longer take care of your pet or,husky 2

If you’re a breeder who needs help with finding homes for puppies,  animals.

We offer a safe place for these animals to go, until they are rehomed to new people.

Where they will be cared for and trained until they get their forever homes.

We also except strays that have been with other organizations if they no longer have room for the animal.

a $50 dollar rehoming fee is usually asked of most animals. All proceeds are non-refundable and go towards my kenneling, and training area.

For those wishing to adopt

The rehomed animals here can be either puppies or animals from breeder or are animals who were surrendered by their previous owners, they could also be a stray someone found and saved.

Wither you’re looking for a rescue or new pup we are able to help pick the right choice for your family.

We also offer a meeting area for the adopting family and animal to meet.  If you have other animals we encourage you to bring them along to meet the new family member to minimize the chance of dominance battles.  On a scheduled time and day- please call for this.

You can view available animals on the website under our services and

contact us to make an appointment to come see them on the contact us page.


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