About Our Classes

About our classes:boys

All dogs and their owner receive a certificate in their classes.

Plus, a class picture taken on their last class.

we will point out why each lesson is valuable to what we are training and help you use in everyday life.

we also offer puppy play time – this helps to keep the puppy or dog well socialized.

All proceeds are non-refundable and go towards my kenneling, and training area.

We offer 4 different classes:

  1. Personal Training and/or Small group of 3 to 5 dogs -both are 8 weeks classes.

This is a Basic class:   Basic training commends as well as socialization for your pup.

All 8 weeks classes are $130 dollars. one hour, one day a week.

Basic commands are things like:

Sit, lay down, Roll over, Puppy push-ups, leash walking, High 5’s, Take it and Leave it.

  1. This is an Intermediate class:

Offers more advanced training and needs to be taken after basic classes here or

Your dog can test out and be placed into this class upon approval.

socialization continues through this class as it is important for all dogs of all ages.

Intermediate classes offer commands such as:

Stay, Come, Shake, Crate Training, Puppy Bowling with treats and Stand or “Dance”.chest1

  1. This an Advanced class:

Also needs prerequisite classes or can be tested out upon approval.

Advanced class offers commends such as:

Wait, Heel, Hide and Seek “toy style”, Find it “toy or treat style”, Fetch, and Catch.

  1. This is an Agility class:

This class does not require previous classes However; Require some knowledge of sit and stay.

Agility class offers things such as: Desensitizing , not all animals are going to like their first attempt at using  any of the equipment necessary for agility so we take the time to properly introduce the animals to it first, in a friendly way to encourage good behavior.

Learning how to use: Weaving Polls, Tunnel Tube, Jumping through Hoops, Teeter-Totter.

All proceeds are non-refundable and go towards my kenneling, and training area.

We are looking forward to working with you and your dog. Look for our Grand Opening this summer.

Must be 18 years of age OR with Parental Supervision.  We are NOT Liable for injury to any person or animal on site.

Please Sign and Date Waiver:___________________________________________


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